We want to make using a la Reg easy for you.

Below please find common questions about a la Reg and form creation tools.

If you are looking for event planning resources, please visit our sister site, Bonjour Events, a Martha Stewart Circle website providing event planners and charity organizers free event templates and tips.

Tips for using a la Reg:

Can I edit attendee information?
Yes, you can easily update an attendee’s data by going to:  Dashboard >Create/Update Attendee List>Select the form name with the attendee> click “edit” next to the attendee you wish to update>edit at will

What will my unique URL be?
Your choice, but short URLs work best for your clients to recall/type.  In step six you are asked to select your “handle” this is the word that will follow:  www.alaReg.com/_ HERE
We recommend promoting or printing your unique url as:  www.alaReg.com/_NAME  with the www. rather than:   http://alareg.com/_name

How do I make a similar form without starting from scratch? 
You can always duplicate a great form by visiting your Dashboard and clicking My Forms>click “duplicate” next to the form you would like to copy.  This form will need a new unique name.
Be sure to check your confirmation note copy, the map and dates as all of this information will be the default with your "duplicate form" but all can be edited for the new purpose.

Which form type should I select? 
All three templates (events, donation and camps) will allow the same features, they are just a starting point to save time.  (Example, Donation form already has a donation link but you can add one to any form).

How do I edit a published form?
Visit: My Forms>Click “edit” next to your form>click save>go to the step to edit>click “next” until the final step>hit finish.   Changes will appear instantly.
Note:  If you give a field a new name, your data reports will reflect this new name (not the previous).

When do I pay?  
When a deposit is made into your account the credit card rate (PayPal, Authorize.net or Stripe) as well as 1% (our fee) will automatically be deducted from the transaction.

When can I access my funds?  
When a transaction takes place on one of your forms your money is deposited directly into your account. Real time. We never hold your money.

How do I set up the form to receive Payments?
In step two, add or edit a "DropDown $ Option" or the "Write In $ Option". These allow and trigger a payment collection on the form. The Drop Down $ Option allows a choice of payment amounts for the registrant to select from. The "Write In $ Option" allows the registrant to write in any amount. You may have one of each type.

Where do my payments go?
In step four of the form creation you will designate an existing Stripe, PayPal or Authorize.net account to receive the funds. If you do not have any of these you may sign up for Stripe at this stage.

How do I receive the actual payments?  
Any payments made on your form are deposited directly into your own account, we do not handle the transactions.

Why is there a service fee beyond the credit card fees?  
We have to keep the lights on, so we charge a very small amount per transaction, 1% for using external providers. For a $40 ticket, this is forty cents. Peanuts.
You can select the payment provider to use and receive your rate from them (PayPal, Authorize.net). You can also use our system with Stripe and pay 2.9% plus 30 cents (total) – no monthly fees or set up fees, easy peasy.

I don’t have a credit card processor, or just want a change. How much is the a la Reg Payments/Stripe solution?  
We want to keep things simple and low cost. 2.9% plus a 30 cent transaction fee by Stripe and 1% to a la Reg gets the job done. No monthly fees or set up fees.

How do I edit who receives copies of our registrant data summary?   
Visit:  My Account>My Forms>click “view” on an unpublished form or “edit” on a published form>visit Step Four>under administrative tab: add the email addresses of anyone who should receive a data summary.

Can I offer a free registration to some and not others?
Yes, you can create a promo code for certain registrants to enter for a free registration.  Promo codes can be added under Step Four>Receive Payments>Promo Code offer

How do I move a field around?
Grab that little blue handle and drag it to the area you’d like it to appear.  Hover for a second and then let go.  It will shift other fields to make room.  

Where is the new field I added?
All new fields automatically appear at the bottom of the form, you can move them anywhere you like on the page.

How do I delete an image at the top of my form?  
Click the “red” minus button. Add another image if you like or leave it blank (the dotted lines won’t show on your final form.

If I use your email system, is the link to my form already embedded?
Include the link to your form in the note by either typing it in manually and hyper link to your form URL or select "insert form link".  We do not automatically populate this into the email, so that you can customize the communication.  You can also link to any website in your confirmation notes or invitations. 

Can I set up a password for this form, preventing the general public from registering for my form?  
Yes, under step four you can select a password which will be required to fill out the form.  This works well for higher profile events or corporate.  If you don't need one we recommend you leave this off.

Can I print the actual forms my attendees filled out, in addition to the excel summary? 
Yes, if you'd like to print a copy of every form here’s how:  Dashboard >Create/Update Attendee List>Select the form name with the attendee> click “edit” next to the attendee you wish to view>print 

Under step four select “send me a copy of every confirmation note”

How do I fill out a form for an attendee? Such as an over the phone confirmation?
Visit Create/Update attendee list.  Click add attendee. You can fill out the details here and they will receive a conf. note

Tickets and collecting payments:

How do I offer multiple price points?  
In the ticket box (located in step 2), you can add as many ticket price points as you like.  Each line has room for a Title and a Price.  Do not enter “$”. 

How do I give the option for registrants to pay by check?
Add the ticket drop down feature, and make the FIRST line “I’m sending a check “ and the amount should show as “zero”.

How do I sell more than one ticket at once?  
You can offer sales of more than one ticket by creating ticket titles that already bundle your tickets.  The checkout system will charge the correct amount, no math needed:

  • One Ticket         25 
  • Two Tickets       50
  • Three Tickets     75
  • Four Tickets     100 

How do I set up Early Bird registration pricing?   
The best solution is to create a ticket with the name “Early Price” or “Pre-Registration” rate.  When your deadline to increase prices occurs simply visit the Dashboard, My Forms, click “edit” next to your form name, click through to step 2.  At step 2 scroll to the box with your ticket information and click the yellow button.  Under the Ticket Box add a limit to this line equal to the number of current registrants in this price point.  Now all future registrants will see “Early Bird Price (option no longer available)” and will not be able to select this option.

How do I receive the actual payments?
In step four of the form creation you can designate a PayPal, Stripe or Authorize.net account.  
Any payments made on your form are deposited directly into your own account, we do not handle the transactions or keep a %.

Any information I should list in the payment section?  
We suggest adding this language (in a text box) above the “donation” box:
Please write only the dollar amount, not the $ or .00. Thank you.

PayPal is sending me a 500 Error.  Help.   
If you change your IPN (Instant Payment Notification) it will be necessary to add back the default alaReg URL in order to collect registrant data.
To Enable IPN Notifications in PayPal:

  • Log into PayPal
  • Visit Profile>My Selling Tools (left side)>Instant Payment Notification Update>Chose IPN Settings
  • Notification URL must be:
  • IPN Messages> Receive IPN Messages (Enabled)
  • Click Save

 Other questions?  Send us a note at marketing@alaReg.com.

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